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I am a brand strategist based in Essen, Germany. If you need assistance in bringing your visions to life – get in touch.
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From a young age, I've been driven by creativity and a desire to bring ideas to life. Launching my design career in 2012, I took the leap to establish my own company in 2018 – building my own commercial fashion brand.

With over a decade of professional experience in design and a keen understanding of brand strategy, I now work on brands on a global scale. My journey has equipped me with the versatility to seamlessly blend design with strategic insights, delivering innovative solutions that resonate with audiences and drive growth.

When you work with me, you're not just tapping into my design expertise – you're gaining a trusted brand strategist committed to bringing your vision to life.

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recent Projects


AlDI Nord
January 2023 – current

– aldi nord, essen

In January 2023, I embarked on a new chapter in my career journey by joining ALDI Nord in Essen, Germany. Here, I stepped into the role of Brand Specialist within the international brand management unit, infusing my expertise in design and branding. Operating within the dynamic environment of 'the inventor of discount', I quickly learned the value of efficiency and agile decision-making across all facets of the business. In my role, I manage several private labels, bridging the gap between brand and artwork. This experience is not only enriching but also reinforces my commitment to delivering results effectively in high-pressure environments like the FMCG industry and managing a lot of Stakeholders at the same time.

May 2018 – current

– pottwatch gbr, ruhr valley

In collaboration with my two childhood friends Lucas and Jason, I conceptualized and brought to life two distinctive watch collections, marking the inception of 'Ruhr Valley's first original watch brand'. Our vision was to create timepieces that not only embodied the essence of our region but also served as a bridge between its rich history and future aspirations. Each watch features a unique element: the last-mined original black coal from Germany, honoring the region's industrial heritage and its pivotal role in the 'Wirtschaftswunder'. This project was not just about crafting watches; it was about crafting a narrative that resonates deeply with our audience and celebrates the spirit of innovation and prosperity synonymous with our home – the Ruhr Valley.

September 2021 – December 2022

– contact gmbh, oberhausen

In September 2021, I joined CONTACT – 'Oberhausen's leading communication and event agency', initially as a freelancer before becoming a permanent team member in early 2022. Throughout my time there as an Art Director, I was driving the development and execution of diverse solutions for our clients. My core focus centered on revitalizing and refining brand frameworks and corporate design systems, overseeing every aspect from concept to delivery. This role empowered me to deploy my creative vision and strategic expertise, crafting impactful solutions tailored to each client's distinct goals and objectives. I thrived by working with multidisciplinary teams, fostering collaboration, and ensuring the seamless execution of projects to exceed client expectations.

Freelance Design
Oct 2014 – August 2021

– remotely, essen

Since 2014, I've navigated the challenges of a Freelancer, evolving from a graphic designer to a valued design and brand consultant. Specializing in branding, I thrived on crafting immersive visual identities. Freelancing has taught me to balance creative freedom with client expectations, emphasizing effective communication and collaboration. Resilience and endurance are key factors in managing the uncertainties of self-employment. Up to today, my passion for branding and storytelling remains unwavering, driving me to continually push boundaries and help people creating worlds around brands through design.

Tresohr Studios GbR
January 2015 – September 2018

– tresohr studios gbr, oberhausen

My passion for music led me to blend it with my work at Tresohr Studios in Oberhausen, Germany. The 'multiple-space-studio for brilliant sound design' facilitates the fusion of both audio and visual realms, fostering a dynamic creative environment. Alongside providing graphic design support, I immersed myself in the music industry as a sound assistant, gaining valuable insights into the relationship between sound and visuals. This experience also provided knowledge about the inner workings of the music business, from production processes to industry trends. Working with sound professionals, I gained a deep understanding of audio concepts and their application. These learnings not only enriched my skill set but also broadened my approach to design as well as my general perspective on creative expression.

Twenty One Media GmbH
June 2012 – September 2014

– twenty one media gmbh, oberhausen

In the summer of 2012, my design journey began at Twenty One Media, renowned as 'the brand agency for urban places'. Specializing in strategic marketing and brand conceptualization for major real estate ventures globally, the agency provided a rich learning ground. Through my apprenticeship, I applied a holistic design thinking approach, gaining multifaceted insights into the industry. In addition to developing my skills in digital and print design, I immersed myself in film production and contributed to large-scale marketing campaigns, such as the expansion of Centro Oberhausen in 2012. These experiences deepened my understanding of the intersection between design, marketing, and urban development. They continue to shape my approach to creative problem-solving and strategic brand development today.